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A Tribute In Honor of the


February 14th, 1945

77th Anniversary

This website was created by Marie Quilici Wagnon for Paul F Quilici, to remember and honor the ship he was was aboard World War II, the USS YMS-48.

The USS YMS-48 was sunk on February 14th, 1945 north of Corregidor, Philippines.

Approximate Location where the USS YMS-48 was Lost.
14.24N, 120.33E

We honor the bravery and courage of those who defend our country.  Thank you Veterans!!

Painting of the USS YMS-48, By Dwight Shepler

Paul F. Quilici,

San Francisco 1945

In loving memory and tribute to all those who served and sacrificed for our country!

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U S Navy Memorial

Paul F. Quilici’s Navy Logs

Dear Pop (Nonno),
Thank you for your service to our Country .
We want you to know how much we love you and how proud we
are of you.
You are, without a doubt, the best Father, Grandfather and Great-
Grandfather in the whole world.
We love you “Big Much All The Time”


Marie & Mike

Suzanne & Brad

David & Josie

Ryan & Rosemary

Drew & Rachel


Alexis, Xavier, Alvino, Auroura, Aurelia, Nazareth, McKenzie and Abigail

January 18, 2008

February 12, 2021

June 13th, 2021

August 12, 2021



A website to remember and honor the USS YMS-48 Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper

“Where The Fleet Goes, We’ve Been”

Call sign: November – Echo – Juliet – Hotel

YMS-1 Class Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper; Laid down, 27 June 1941 by the Wheeler Ship Building Corp., Whitestone, Long Island, New York , USA; Launched,
15 May 1942,  Commissioned USS YMS-48, 14 Jul 1942, Sunk, 14 February 1945 by  USS Fletcher (DD445) after being damaged by Japanese shore batteries,  North of Corregidor, Philippines.  Loss position 14.24N, 120.33E 


Honor, Recognize, Celebrate & Inform

The United States Navy Memorial’s mission is to Honor, Recognize, and Celebrate the men and women of the Sea Services, past, present, and future; and Inform the public about their service.

Thank you for your service to our Country .